Updated BetPawa Ghana review 2020

Today, this bookmaker is one of the most affordable and easy to use among all the operators that are presented on the Ghana market. Even novice players can very quickly...

Top peculiarities of best betting sites in Ghana: betting with world-famous companies 2020

Despite the reasonably young age of the gambling industry in this country, the bookmaking activity is developing at an incredible pace. However, if you recall, back in 2015, only 2% of the total population could afford to place sports bets on the betting sites. This was since Internet coverage in this country was relatively low.

Nevertheless, already in 2017, more than a third of the total population began to use the Internet and place bets on soccer betting sites actively. To fully satisfy the local population’s demand for bookmaker services, best-betting sites in the world have taken very ambitious steps to develop the sports betting market in this country.

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Best betting sites in Ghana: Legal or not?

Best betting sites in Ghana

By virtue of particular gambling laws, best betting sites in Ghana operators know under what rules they can act and accordingly offer the most effective service for placing bets on sports. Meanwhile, betting sites that accept PayPal are obliged to conduct their activities based on the following laws:

  1. Casino Licensing Act.
  2. Gambling Machines Act.
  3. Lotteries Betting Act.

Thanks to clear and transparent rules, betting companies in Ghana can understand exactly which of the most effective tools and services they can offer players today. Most of the provisions contained in the above laws contribute exceptionally well to the development of best football betting sites in this region. Some of the rules look much milder than European betting statutes. Therefore, the development of gambling in the country is at an incredible pace.

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List of betting companies in Ghana that are worth the trust of thousands of players

List of betting companies in Ghana

It is evident that thanks to the vast prospects that open to bookmakers, every year, a list of betting companies in Ghana strive to make the most advantageous position and offer their services to local players.

Nevertheless, not all best sports betting sites that are represented today are reliable and fulfill their obligations to players in full. Not to wind up with egg on your face, and choose trustworthy betting websites, pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • The choice of best betting sites in Ghana in the first place should be based on the availability of a gaming license. If you can’t find the appropriate ones on the bookmaker’s website, it’s best not to go through the registration process.
  • Be sure to read reviews from real customers for each of the football betting sites. If the bookmaker was previously convicted of a dishonest game or cheating users, then you will find this information.
  • Learn the experience of different players regarding timely payouts. What is more, analyze the list of online bookmakers and make sure whether each of the websites has a sufficient number of different payment methods that are suitable for you to deposit funds or withdraw money.

Based on the foregoing, we offer you an overview of the top 10 betting sites of the most popular and reputable betting companies in Ghana today:


Today, it’s hard to find a more experienced and reliable bookmaker. The company was founded back in 2006. The platform currently offers an incredible array of different sports markets and a unique gaming experience in real-time betting. The bookie also created an online casino so that every gambler could fully get an incredible experience from a considerable number of the most popular games.


Despite the reasonably young age of this company, perhaps each of the players heard its name. Thanks to the high service and good relations with its customers, the bookmaker was able to gain a reputation among top sports betting sites as a genuinely reliable platform. It is noteworthy that the minimum deposit is only 1 euro. Thus, absolutely all players can afford to place bets on this platform day after day.


This platform is one of the most popular top betting sites that operate in Africa. Also, taking into account the annual volume of bets placed on this platform, the company unequivocally occupies a leading position among the best betting companies in Ghana. Due to the incredibly diverse sportsbook, high odds, and a wide variety of betting options, the platform competes very successfully with the most significant European betting operators from year to year.


A distinctive feature of this company is the ability to place bets on sports in more than 20 different sports disciplines. Among the sports events that are available on the bookmaker’s website, players can also find virtual football games, read news about various promotions and study their betting statistics from the moment of registering an account.


Even though this bookmaker is a representative of the local market, the company is still very successfully competing with the real titans of the best betting sites in Ghana. To achieve leadership positions, the company made a fateful decision and offered local customers more favorable odds and a significantly more extensive variety of sports bets than other operators.


This bookmaker sites are characterized by the fact that in addition to placing bets online, the company offers its customers the opportunity to place bets in ground-based establishments. To date, the bookie is represented in more than 60 stores for accepting bets located in Ghana.


Perhaps you are unlikely to find at least one player today who has not heard the name of this top-class bookmaker. Due to its popularity and vast experience, the company offered a considerable number of sports markets in the Ghana market.


One of the top renowned bookmakers from Great Britain that holds strong leading positions in Ghana today. A great variety of sports markets, along with high security of players’ data and first-class customer service, make this bookie a top best among Ghana gamblers today.


It offers a top-notch sportsbook and top odds for live bets today and also has a license obtained in Ghana. Lots of gamblers adore this best odds site.


A star winning bookie with top valid promotions and high odds for different sports markets. It offers lots of innovative tools for making successful bets today.

Although sports betting appeared in this country relatively recently, local players have already absorbed the culture of gambling and compete quite confidently with many European countries in the number of annual bets. The international betting sites and sports betting market around the world is undergoing incredible changes. According to international experts, the volume of the sports betting market will be able to reach more than 6 billion euros by 2022.

RankBetting siteBonusBonus codeRatingGet started
11xbet100% to the 1st deposit with up to 130 euro.***9.7***
2Betway50% up to 36 euro awarded as a Free Bet.***9.4***
3BetyetuBoost your winnings when you place bets on 5+ games.***9.0***
4EazibetUp to 30% to 1st deposit.***8.7***
5Mybet150% deposit match up to 40 euro.***8.5***
6Premierbet100% up to 0.15 euro***8.0***
7SoccabetFirst deposit matched up to 30 euro.***7.8***
8Supabets30% bonus to bet on any of favorite sports teams.***7.6***
9Bet365100 euro in bet credits.***7.4***
10Betpawa35 euro in free bets.***7.0***

Current bookmakers’ rating based on customers’ experience:

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Top tips on how to witness success with best betting sites in Ghana

best betting sites ghana

Obviously, such a direction as football is one of the most popular sports markets. According to online betting companies in Ghana statistics, the bulk of sports betting is made in this particular sports direction. If you want to succeed in football betting, then carefully study the following tips:

Never place bets on betting sites under the pressure of emotions. If a single bet or series of bets were not successful, later do not try to put another bet to win back the lost amount of money. We assure you that over time, you may find yourself in a situation where you break the bank. In this case, it is better to take a breather and try to get distracted. In any case, don’t live for today like there’s no tomorrow.

The world of sports betting does not end in one day, and perhaps tomorrow, fortune will smile at you. The fact is that under the influence of emotions, you will not be able to read the room and place successful bets on soccer betting sites. The pursuit of lost money in 90% of cases of the order ends in the failure of the player.

Always analyze sporting events on sports betting websites before placing a bet. The more in-depth the analysis you can do regarding the upcoming football match, the more likely it is that you will win. View the odds offered by the best betting sites in Ghana and be sure to study the statistics of previous games.

Perhaps you will see that one of the teams plays much better away than in home matches. Over and above, it can’t hurt to listen to the opinion of sports observers who know a lot about football. Thus, having collected a maximum of information and listening to betting companies experts’ advice, you are more likely to be able to win.

If the soccer betting websites transferred bonus money to you when registering a new account, then, first of all, try to use it to hone your strategy and be able to get acquainted with all the tools available on the platform website. Thus, you do not have to risk your own money, and you can learn how to make successful bets on the best betting websites much faster.

Some of the bookmakers from the above-mentioned list of betting sites quite often publish various tips on the most popular championships in multiple sports. There is no point blindly trusting information from the bookmaker, but you can consider it when you make your forecast for the upcoming game.

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Betting companies in Ghana give welcome bonus for players you won’t dare to miss!

Often, players from Ghana prefer to look for best odds bookmakers that offer a unique registration bonus to every novice client. After receiving the reward as a bonus prize, the player has the opportunity to use the bonus money for absolutely any purpose. Besides, if the player manages to wager the full amount of bonus money on best foreign bookies’ sites, then subsequently, they can be withdrawn to the account and spent at their discretion.

Still, we draw your attention to the fact that often to receive a unique welcome bonus on best betting sites in Ghana, you will need to indicate a special promo code when registering. This is not surprising, because the best online betting operators should understand exactly which of the many promotions you are applying for. In other words, by indicating the promo code, the bookmaker is guaranteed to grant you the appropriate gift.

A special promo code is a set of characters and numbers that the earlier mentioned list of online bookmakers uses to conduct each promotion. Be sure to use promo codes to get additional chances to place as many bets as possible and earn a substantial amount of money on best betting sites Ghana.

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Top games from best betting sites in Ghana 2020

Local players often focus on a sport like a football. This sport seems to be in the genes of players from Ghana. Nevertheless, this is far from the only sports market that players consider when placing bets on sports.

The most popular games on new betting sites Ghana today are:

  • Football.
  • Boxing.
  • Basketball.
  • Cricket.
  • Car racing, and so on.

Perhaps that is why football is still the most favorite sport for most players on the top 10 bookmakers. According to football betting sites statistics on betting, players also prefer lots of sports markets, and often this depends entirely on personal preferences. In any case, the level of interest in sports in this country is impressive.

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Soccer betting sites payment methods that are most commonly used in Ghana 2020

Payment methods on best betting sites in Ghana

Despite the relatively high level of development of bookmaking activities in the country, the local currency is still not popular among the best bookmakers.

That is why local players often use currencies such as:

  • USD.
  • AUD.
  • EUR.
  • GBP.

Yet, it should be borne in mind that top betting sites Ghana e-wallets do not support the use of local currency, and thus players have to take into account such issues as currency conversion, as well as the commission for this operation.

However, this does not mean that all players use e-wallets exclusively on best bookies’ sites. For some, still, the most comfortable way is to use debit and credit cards on online betting sites Ghana. All in all, it’s up to you to decide upon the payment method right after you choose a sure betting site!Get Super Bonus 144$

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